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CV drive shafts again

PostPost by: JonB » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:31 pm

Should also add the ones made by Spyder which incorporate a single doughnut and a U/J.

So in the UK the choices are:

  • Sue Miller / Kelvedon, full CV joint, around £600
  • TTR, U/J & sliding spline, £500 (plus VAT?)
  • Spyder, Single doughnut & U/J, £488 plus 2x£85 for new doughnuts.

Compare these prices to a full set of doughnuts £90 x 4 (£360).

I've read an awful lot about these options and to my mind only a full CV joint solution should be considered if you are definitely doing away with doughnuts. I have never heard of anyone regretting fitting them.
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