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Rally Day Sponsored by Lotus PALS

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Have you ever wanted to go to a local Lotus club event, but the distance needed to travel back and forth was a longer duration than the actual event. Have you felt geographically isolated and unable to join in the fun of a group event. LotusPALS Rally Day aims to fix that while simultaneously promoting Lotus as a marque to the general public and encouraging owners to use their Lotus more frequently.

The idea is simple and straightforward. On June 23 (the closest Saturday to the Summer solstice) Lotus owners are encouraged to get their Lotus out and use it for the day. Go to a local attraction, eat out at a bistro, go for a scenic drive, run all of your errands, take the kid to soccer practice, even if you have to work use the Lotus as transport for the day. The point is to get as many Lotus out in public on the same day as possible. While you won’t need other Lotus to join you, it certainly would add to the fun to join up with your Lotus buddies for some socialization.

If you see another Lotus on the road, honk your horn, flash your lights, and make a spectacle of it!
Take pictures along the way and post them to social media and forum sites you are a member of.
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The event is sponsored by LotusPALS. A special edition T Shirt will be available for those who wish to purchase. A portion of the sale price will go to support the LotusPALS web site. Shirts are available at LotusPALS Merchandise (Now available - Look for LotusPALS Rally Day and size up! as they run small).
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