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+2 S130/5 Unfinished Restoration Project For Sale in UK

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I bought this car in 1989 from a very well known classic Lotus specialist and used it as my everyday transport for approximately 18 months.

Prior to me buying the car, a new Lotus galvanised chassis was fitted, the bottom end of the engine was rebuilt with a +20 rebore and the car was repainted metallic blue, from its original bronze with metal-flake gold roof.

After 18 months of trouble-free and very enjoyable motoring, the head gasket blew. At this point, I decided to retire the car from everyday use and carry out a light restoration, intending to then use the car purely for fun and keeping it forever, I loved driving it so much!

I started by removing the head and stripping it, coating all the components in oil and carefully storing them away. The head itself was sent off to QED who repaired corroded waterways,polished the combustion chambers, fitted new valve seats and guides and honed the cam follower sleeves, supplying new +001 followers.

I inspected the bores of the engine and found them to still be perfect, with absolutely no scoring or lipping and the honing marks from the rebore still looking like the day they were done. I completely filled the sump with oil, coated the bores with grease and covered the block in situ, to protect it.

I completely gutted the engine bay and stripped back the wiring loom, replacing any wiring that showed any signs of deterioration and replacing all the connectors with new.

I was never really happy with the quality of the repaint and so, decided to strip the body back to the original primer/gel coat. As you can see from the photos, I started to do this but then.... the usual story..... other projects and life in general and, the car has sat, in dry storage, ever since. I am now preparing to emigrate in a year or so and therefore, I am reluctantly forced to sell her.

The car is totally complete - anything you can't see in the photos is included, including the camshafts, all the other head components (all still soaked in oil and perfect!)and the bonnet. The car did not come with an original steering wheel when I bought it but, I have the aftermarket one that came with the car.

I can confirm that this is an original UK, matching numbers car, that the engine turns freely and, having cleaned the grease from the bores to inspect, the cylinders are all still perfect!

I'm Looking for around £11,000, Please bear in mind though, if considering making an offer, that this a complete, matching numbers, big valve 5 speed car, with a galvanised chassis and an engine that should require little more than reassembling. Most other Elan / +2 restoration projects I've seen advertised, require both a new chassis and potentially,
a complete engine rebuild (who knows until it's stripped & inspected?) and therefore, will cost considerably more to restore than this one.

I think my asking price should make this a really viable proposition for somebody to buy the car and complete the restoration for far less than it would then be worth? I would love to hear other member's opinions on this though!

Car is located in the West Midlands, near Birmingham

I look forward to chatting and answering any questions any of you may have and, hopefully one of you will buy the car and return her to her former glory! :-)
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