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We are currently testing our new lower cost crossflow aluminium radiators fitted with plastic tanks, that will bolt straight into all of the series existing radiators mountings with no major modification. This will have available a 10 inch fan mounted to your choice of the front or rear of the radiators. There will also be a hose tube tube with filler neck available and a temperature sender boss and switch if required.

We have just completed an S1 / S2 / S3 all aluminium Marston Radiators. Unlike the original this radiators weighs 5 kilos empty 10 Kilos full and holds 5 litres of coolant. These radiators are now available to buy.

We have completed our first 26R radiators that has been tested successfully whilst racing at Spa in Belgium and we now have radiators available to buy.

Both the above can be supplied semi polished ready for a mirror finish or in etch prime and painted black.

Please refer to our forum vendor listing coolexperts.co.uk for contact details and call or email us.

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