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PostPost by: GLB » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:19 pm

Glenn, I don't have a booth but here in the desert we have evaporative coolers. I have a 5000cfm cooler in my shop. I turn it on and crack the garage door about 3 inches and get a nicely pressurized air flow through the shop and out the door. When it is cool I just turn on the fan and move air. The cooler pad works as a filter, but I still have some problems with dust motes settling onto the flat surfaces. I block and color sand anyway so that takes care of that. I took the Europa out to cars and coffee today. I forget what a nice car it is because it is usually in the back of the shop and hard to get out. Not many people, especially young people have ever seen one. Mostly muscle cars and hot rods. I try and let any one who shows an interest sit in it, kids and women seem to like it. Most guys say they are too big and don't try but some do and are surprised. Not many people here know of Lotus and ask if it is a kit car or who makes it. Probably not unique to El Paso. Gary
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PostPost by: Certified Lotus » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:17 pm

Thanks for the explanation of how you paint without a booth Gary. I had my Elan S4 hood and lower cowl painted at a friends garage near me and although we made a fairly large plastic tent to spray in, over spray got everywhere and I’ll never do it again.

Nice Europa! You shaved the side lights. I did the same on mine, much cleaner look. I’m in the midst of a frame off restoration of my 72 Twin Cam Europa. Full build info at:

http://www.lotuseuropa.org/LotusForum/i ... pic=1704.0
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PostPost by: knockoffnut » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:43 am

Another tip:
When one finds oneself in urgent need of painting an Elan or Europa, and yet with a deficit of booth, one finds that spraying the pavement and surrounding environs with water immediately prior to spraying yields the desired restriction of overspray, minimizes dust incursion (but sadly not bugs) and affords easier cleanup without incurring the dreaded L07 driveway...

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