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Lotus Plus 2 - 1968 - Very Original but a Project - NOW SOLD

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:57 pm
by Matt Elan
Car is now sold.

I'm selling KSX 30G my 1968/9 Plus 2 Project that I bought back in August 2015. It is almost one owner - the guy I bought it off had bought it from the original owner on 30/03/2014 and did very little to it. There is a restoration thread on the Plus 2 forum on this site giving details of the car and lots of pictures, but to summarise it is a Plus 2 (Not an 'S') in Cirrus White with a black interior. The car is all in one piece apart from some of the interior - I've got the seats and some trim parts but they are tatty and there are no carpets, the dash is in poor shape but all the instruments and switches are present . Most of the mechanicals are present - one rear disk caliper is in the garage, and while the car sort of rolls, one front turret is rotten, the gearbox support cross member fell off when it arrived here and the chassis is too far gone to repair. The good news is I've got a replacement Lotus unit, non galvanised but POR-15'ed this year. Engine is the original Weber equipped Twin Cam, numbers matching the V5 and Heritage certificate, it turns but will need a rebuild - I've not had it running, just put a load of oil down the bores and blocked off the inlet ports on the carbs. Gearbox and diff present -condition unknown! V5 and Lotus Heritage certificate present, along with a copy of the last V5 with the first owners details on it. Paint is dreadful, body has some issues such as the lhs front wing looks to have been poorly repaired at some stage and the join is open. Air box and filter is missing.

Make no mistake it is a project, and so I'm looking for around £7500 for it to include the chassis and would be interested in a part exchange on a running and useable Plus 2 - looking to put up to around £5000 plus KSX so I have something to drive while I finish ALD.

KSX is in Fleet, Hampshire and will need to be taken away on a trailer!

Re: Lotus Plus 2 - 1968 - Very Original but a Project

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:28 pm
by Matt Elan
KSX is now up on ebay with a starting price of £4500 - item no.123371276281