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SOLD Elan Twin Cam Engine for Sale in North East USA

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:36 am
by Certified Lotus
I've decided to sell my twin cam engine that came with the '64 Elan S1 I bought last year. It was not original to the car and I had another twin cam built by a race shop for my S1. This engine was my spare and I decided it would have better use for some one who needs an engine versus sitting on a engine stand in my garage.

Engine was fully rebuilt in 1984 as a big valve with sprint cam shafts, cylinders bored +0.020, new valves, springs, seats, guides, pistons, rings, crankshaft mains -0.010, big ends -0.010, HD connecting rods and bolts, balanced crank and rods. Webers are 40 DCOE, re-jetted for engine build. Electronic distributor, removable cartridge water pump. New headers ceramic coated white. The weber head has welds around all the intake throats, as I understand it this is typically done for track engines as the ears of this area are fragile. (Engine was never tracked, but built by a track enthusiast).

Engine saw minimal use after rebuild as the car was rarely driven and then in a restoration shop for repainting by the PO.

The engine runs fine, pulls strong, but could probably use valve guides as it smokes a bit when warm. (Although I must say my new rebuilt engine also smokes a bit). I drove the S1 with this engine the first summer I owned the car.

It has brand new Jet Coated headers on it (my cost $285 for the headers and $290 for the jet hot coating, total of $575) plus a new Dave Bean front timing chain cover with the water pump cartridge ($750). As you will note, the engine is complete with glass bowl fuel pump, electronic distributor, generator, fan and airbox.

The information above is what I know from owners records and past conversation with previous owner. I know no other details so please refrain from asking questions about who made the connecting rods or cams, etc. etc.

I would prefer not to ship, local pickup in Princeton, NJ. $7500 (without engine stand).

Here are lots of photos of the engine:

dsc07835_edited-1.jpg and

dsc07836_edited-1.jpg and

dsc07838_edited-1.jpg and

dsc07840_edited-1.jpg and

dsc07843.jpg and

dsc07845.jpg and

dsc07851_edited-1.jpg and

dsc07859.jpg and

dsc07822.jpg and

dsc07828.jpg and

Re: Elan Twin Cam Engine for Sale in North East USA

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:12 pm
by Certified Lotus
Still for sale

Re: Elan Twin Cam Engine for Sale in North East USA

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:37 am
by Certified Lotus