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After digging deeper into this subject I came to the unfortunate conclusion that it will be impossible to legally register - in Germany! - the Spyder Zetec chassis I bought roughly ten years ago (the project was more or less on hold, kids, changing jobs etc.) due to some legislative changes.

I therefore decided to sell most of what I bought back then:

- Plus 2 Zetec chassis (black)
- Front uprights (for Sierra hubs)
- Complete rear suspension (uprights for Sierra hubs, upper and lower A-arms, shocks)
- Prop shaft

The parts have been in dry storage for ten years so they are in good condition, maybe some nicks and scratches from moving on the shelves etc. Asking price for the lot is 2800€ (roughly half of current price).

I'm located Western Germany, in Duesseldorf to be precise.

I will probably be able to deliver the chassis to a location close to the route from here to the south of UK in May when I'm going to pick-up a "proper" replacement chassis. Other than that it is local pick-up.

Best regards,

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