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PostPost by: Fredtech » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:50 pm

Couple of parts I'm posting here before they go to "Flea-Bay"

Sensible offers considered. Please PM me if interested. Collection from Ascot-Berkshire
or I can post if required.
Pedal Box Assembly. This has been adapted (Rather Crudely) to take a Brake-Bias bar.
May be of use to someone, or just for parts.
pedal-box-1.jpg and
pedal-box-2.jpg and
pedal-box-3.jpg and

***** DIFF-SOLD ********** DIFF-SOLD *****

Rear Diff Assembly. This is a 33/8 CWP = 4.12 ratio. The CW & Pinion both have age related pitting, but would prob' be ok in a regular road car. Obviously need a re-build and may be of some use to someone just looking for parts for a diff. (heavy, so will not be cheap to post)
diff-1.jpg and
diff-3.jpg and
diff-4.jpg and

Early Cross-Flow "S" shape Oil Pickup.
oil-pickup-1.jpg and
oil-pickup-2.jpg and
oil-pickup-3.jpg and
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