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Close ratio gearbox

PostPost by: miked » Sun May 19, 2019 6:56 pm

A Lotus friend of mine, Norman Lupton has asked me to put this on the forum since he does not really do a lot with computers and the internet.
He has a 2.5 ratio first gear complete 2000e gearbox. I marked it and spun it and it has 2.5 turns to one. I had a gander inside and it is very clean with evidence of clean oil on the gears, hubs etc. It has fresh grease on the detent springs. It is painted black and appears to have been stripped and cleaned some time ago. No evidence of any dirt or rust. It has a protection cap on the outout shaft and all the surfaces are taped so somebody has taken time to protect it to store.
If interested please PM me and I wil give you his contact number. Please then deal direct with him. He is looking for £1500 or offer close to.
I can't tell you any more details than above as I have not stripped it. So please do not take the Michael out of my limited description. :?
He will be going to Castle Combe so anybody interested can see it for themselves and make up their own mind.

Cheers Mike :D

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