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Wonky Horn Push

PostPost by: Matt7c » Sun Feb 13, 2005 6:43 pm

A trivial matter, but nonetheless an irritation. My S2 has a Motolita steering wheel, but it has always been fitted out of kilter with the 'T' shape vearing to the left and a piece of black masking tape marking TDC. Determined not to put up with this, I have adjusted the steering wheel so that the top of the 'T' shape is now horizontal. Only now the horn push leans off the the left and it has become clear why the steering wheel was that way in the first place. The PO obviously prefered an upright badge in the wheel and was prepared to tolerate a wonky wheel to get it.

The brass bar in the steering wheel hub that is the contact for the horn push is between 10 and 11 o'clock, whereas the corresponding contact on the horn push is in the 12 o'clock position. Can the contacts in the steering column be rotated around, or must I look for another horn push with the contact in the right place? Any ideas?
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PostPost by: Foxie » Sun Feb 13, 2005 10:33 pm

Not familiar with the Motalita, but is it possible to fit the horn push/wheel/boss in other rotational positions which would permit a line up with the (apparantly) limited contact plate ?

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PostPost by: brassrngfm » Mon Feb 14, 2005 6:46 pm

Matt - I'm in Switzerland and my 65 S2 with a Motolita is in storage in Ohio - but here's what I recall: The Motolita I have has a number (15?) of smaller bolts which position the wheel itself around the aluminum hub. There is a 2-piece brass, spring loaded pin that fits thru a hole in the hub and makes contact between the rectangular piece on the back of the push knob and the circular brass contact plate that's part of the steering column.. Actually, it makes contact regardless of the position of the wheel. Electrically, power comes from a red wire on the column to the contact plate - to the spring-pin - and then when you push the button --- it grounds to the aluminum hub (Yes -- another example of a switched ground).
On mine - the rectangular brass piece on the back of the button could be rotated via a screw. You could also re-position the wheel using the 15 bolts - but the first way is easiest.!
I got my Motolia from Bean - hope your's is similar.
Good luck -
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