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Stolen Seven

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:01 am
by The Veg
Hey all, a friend of mine recently had his Series 2 Seven stolen whilst traveling for a car show. It was on a trailer behind a van, all stolen last weekend from the parking at his hotel in the Atlanta area. The van and trailer were recovered but the Seven is still MIA. He only has a couple of weeks before the insurance company writes it off so please be on the lookout!

Here is what he posted elsewhere:

1962 Dark Green/Alu Lotus 7 SB1478 - Fl Lic: 62 SEVEN
Dark Green fenders and nose with polished aluminum
Red interior and dash
1500cc PreCrossflow Cosworth Ford

This is a real Lotus 7 Series 2 restored to original condition.

These are some of the easily identified (and hard to disguise features):
- Right hand drive
- Wooden steering wheel
- 155x13 tires on Minilite rims
- Air scoop on left side of hood
- Tow ring under right front frame rail

While these features "may not hold up in court", I did a nut and bolt rebuild of this car and can provide photos, details and unique modifications.

If you see this car on the road or advertised, call the police, then call me!
Don't be a hero and don't get scammed!

Here is a photo from the Norcross Fayre, bonnet is behind the car leaning against the fence.

Thanks - Joe Petty
(904) 524-9717
[email protected]" target="_blank

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