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engine numbers for my early Elan

PostPost by: GLB » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:28 am

I am tearing down my engine to reseal, leaks oil from everywhere. I have posted before about a lack of numbers. My car, 26/0045 should have had engine LP 51 but I could find no numbers. Here are some pictures of the numbers I did find. Back of head, underneath of head and block. Thankfully no corrosion of head, and it is an early head with the half cylinders cast in the area near the spark plugs. The compression was good and the valve clearances also within speck, and did not smoke, excellent oil pressure, but leaks everywhere one can leak. Hope to change water pump because I am here and put it back together. Any help with numbers is appreciated. Gary.
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dscn4937.jpg and
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