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Lotus restoration consultant-is there one out there?

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mjbeanie wrote:Russ, My car is 9 cars downstream from yours. Yes it came thru Millerton NY as well.
Serial number 0179N. !

Not surprising but interesting! Mine is an August 1971 build, yours must be very close. I should have looked more closely at the engine bay photo. I can see the Motorola voltage regulator is still mounted to the top of the pedal box, that was part of the Lotus East AC kit. That AC option did not work very well. I got rid of mine when I first bought 0170N back in 1977. Of course being in New England, AC is not critical. My sill members were in very bad shape. I replaced them with galvanized replacements made by Spyder in the UK. These are not an identical replacement but a steel tube with the jacking points and outboard seatbelt anchors welded on. More recently stainless versions of the original configuration have become available.
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