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American Emission Regulations

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TypeAll 1972 Cars


Title:American Emission Regulations
Reason:To comply with Emission Regulations at present in operation.

  • All 1972 Cars - It has been found necessary to retard the ignition timing to:   T.D.C. @ idling speed (950r.p.m.) 5 0 B.T.D.C. static This information necessitates a  change to the Vehicle Information Plate and until such new plates are available, an ammendment sticker (Part No. A036 U 0056Z) will have to be attached.
  • All 1972 Europa Twin Cam - All cars from Chassis No. 214OR (pre-fix 72) will be fitted with fuel filler neck (Part No. B074 L 0705Z).  To ensure Federal compliance, earlier cars should be fitted with this part.

NOTE:    All of the above information applies ONLY to North American Federal Cars.